Monday, March 30, 2009

Online Astronomy activity with Astronomy Club of Nairobi School

I travel yet again through the Nairobi traffic to make it to Nairobi School by 4.00 Pm. The teachers will meet me at the staff room and take me to the computer room to work with their students on the astronomy software. I hope that these students will learn the software and during their second semester will adapt a primary school and teach them the software. So far my trips to Nairobi school have been enjoyable. I have had some discussions with the teachers and I have had some activities with the students. 

The astronomy club of Nairobi school is made up of about 25 students aged between 14 and 15 who are already astronomy enthusiasts. They have so far come up with club officials and a patron who will guide them as a club. My contact teachers are Mr. Peter Rugano and Ms. Mutegi. I have to communicate with the teachers in advance to make sure that I am able to use the computer lab, this week we are lucky we will have access to the lab and we have to maximize this fully 

Nairobi School Astronomy club members

At Nairobi school, the club day is every Thursday from 4.00 Pm to 5.30 Pm. I have so far set up an astronomy club at the school and I have to attend all the Thursday meeting with the students. The club officials have set up a program of activities and objectives for the club. This Thursday, at the club we are going to practice the astronomy software using the computers at the lab. The students are somewhat familiar with the software but they have not really been able to use it on their own in the lab. The school has a number of computer labs one of which is connected to the internet. We use one of the labs but do not have access to the internet. There are around 25 computers which means that almost all the students have a computer to work on. 

I start by installing the software on the machines with the help of the students and we proceed with learning some astronomy. The students are comfortable with the software and some even without my instructions and some already start experimenting on the software. 

Students learning an astronomy software

After some astronomy lecture, we decided to a picture in front of the administration block.  Again my experience at Nairobi school was pleasant. I look forward to the next session when I have with me the telescope and I hope to have some "Star Bash"

This trip was sponsored by America HOU and Pulse Health Care 

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